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    Stereoscopy # 61 (Issue 1.2005)
  • Stereoscopy # 61 (Issue 1.2005)
  • Stereoscopy # 61 (Issue 1.2005)
Contents include the following articles
Breaking Out in Style
Invitation to Digital Projection
Erasing the Boundaries
Dr. Charles Addison and the Crosswell Twins
EM3D Building a 3D Camera
2nd Stereoscopic Biennal in Madrid
Icy Iceland
Aspect Ratios for Stereo Imaging
International Stereoscopic Exhibition Committee
World's First Large Format 3D Film Festival
Terry Wilson
Bob Aldridge
Ted Grudowski
Christopher Schneberger
Max Pow
JoaquĆ­n Elvira
Gert-Jan Wolkers
Ron Labbe
Shab Levy
Ray Zone

Stereoscopy # 61 (Issue 1.2005)

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