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    Stereoscopy # 60 (Issue 4.2004)
  • Stereoscopy # 60 (Issue 4.2004)
  • Stereoscopy # 60 (Issue 4.2004)
Contents include the following articles

F11 And Be There
Invitation to Ramble
Plans for the 15th ISU Congress
Closing Dates & Contacts for Upcoming Stereo Exhibitions
Review: Jacques-Henri Lartigue: Hidden Depths
Reinventing the Nude: A Book Review
Shooting in the Dark
Caving Folio
A Portable Hyper-stereo System Rig for Hiking and Exploring
Shooting Close-In Action Without a Mini Heleicopter

Kathy Day
Jan Burandt and Kathy Day
Harry Blake
Lawrence Kaufman
Jan Burandt
Ray Zone
Daniel Chailloux
David W. Kesner
Bill Salkin
Allan Griffin

Stereoscopy # 60 (Issue 4.2004)

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