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    Stereoscopy # 63 (Issue 3.2005)
  • Stereoscopy # 63 (Issue 3.2005)
  • Stereoscopy # 63 (Issue 3.2005)
Contents include the following articles
Highlights from ISU Exhibitions 2005

Allan Griffin, David Kesner, Nancy Moxom

From the President Dwight A. Cummings
From the Past President Bob Aldridge
From the Editor Jan Burandt
Recognition of Our Eastbourne Hosts  
Hungarian Stereographer Mihály Pintér came to the ISU Congress in Eastbourne ... by bicycle!!! Klaus Kemper
Burder Award for Achievement David Burder
Trade Show Report David Starkman
Authors at the Trade Fair  
The Stereo Camera Phone Ken Burgess
Automatic mounting of digital stereo images with COSIMA Jørn Lang
The Pokescope 3-D Photo Competition Dr. Monte Ramstad
The Stereo Theatre: Assembling the Programme Bob Aldridge
Remembering the Day ... Greg Dinkins
Stereo Theatre Memories Jan Burandt
Memento Mori: Heroes Rerembered Through 3D Shows Jan Burandt
16th ISU Congress David Kesner

Stereoscopy # 63 (Issue 3.2005)

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